VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT – Topic / current: intuition

Intuition is known to all of us. For example suddenly we have things in mind that we did not think of before. Maybe a creative idea or scintillations that arise spontaneously for the solution of problems. They are just there and one is unable to explain their appearance respectively their convenience.

The Indian doctor and author Deepak Chopra said: “Logic is linear and based on thinking whereas intuition goes to a deeper part of the soul.” For example when we feel that it is better to drop a plan because something “seems to be wrong”. Or if we feel a tense atmosphere when we are in a room together with a number of persons. In such cases we made use of the intuition, that form of unconscious knowledge about shapes, correlations and functions which gets along without any calculation and explanation.

Silhouett eof man and sunshineThis first impression or idea which procures us sudden insights or trueness before the mind starts rating cannot scientifically be defined. Formulas or calculations of the intuition are not available although it consistently and everywhere is present be it in the plastic arts, the music or in everyday decisions. Each individual every day trusts this emotion that enables it to find the appropriate atmosphere in a talk and to assess unknown situations properly without being able to explain its reaction purely rational.

Intuitive perception is often involved when someone completely is dedicated to a certain work or idea, when someone itself so to say identifies with the work, during the “thoughts are flowing”. Effective training of the intuitive capabilities first of all means to transfer oneself in the described condition of “higher consciousness”.

Rüdiger Lehmann