VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT THEMA / aktuell: Die Bosnischen Pyramiden

The Egypt pyramids are known to all of us. But who has ever heard about the Bosnian pyramids? Since in the year 2006 the author and businessman Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich localized them the scientists argue whether it is really an epoch-making discovery. VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT manager Maik Kunzelmann himself was on the spot in order to get relevant information.

Regarding the pyramids there are at least some exciting facts that were found out in interdisciplinara research projects by a large number of volunteers who come every year from USA, Canada and several states of Europe to Visoko. So for instance they were able to prove that beneath the pyramid and hills there is a considerable system of tunnels. Measurements executed by the Italian scientist Professor Paolo Debertolis of the Università degli Studi di Trieste localized an “energy jet” that constantly and powerfully emanates in the depth of 2.44 km from a parabolically formed crust. This crust generates electro-magnetic waves with a frequency of 28,300 Hz and this way electro-magnetic longitudinal waves (VLF) that about 15 m beneath the top of the asserted pyramid are concentrated. Further measurements in the mentioned tunnel system meanwhile prove that the signal more and more comes from an undefined depth.
Further results, perceptions and conclusions are astonishing as well for most of them cannot be explained so far. According to a report in the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung with a geo-radar system in the year 2006 more than 44 anomalies were found in the surrounding of the pyramid. These anomalies seem to be a hint that beneath the pyramid something undefined is concealed. Stone and wooden fragments that were found on the spot were dated by scientists to a period of 3,000 years B.C. respectively partly assessed to an age os 1,000 years without having any evidence who could have constructed the asserted pyramids. Even the question with what instruments an 8 tons heavy giant block called “Ceramic Megalith K2” that can be seen in one of the tunnels and which is fine grinded was brought into the tunnel.

The VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT will pay attention to these and many other questions as well as to the question of the origin of the mystic stone balls of Zavidovic. As now more and more serious and well-known media and TV stations like BBC and Euro News are reporting on the phenomenon of the Bosnian pyramids further research results from international scientists can be expected even as recently the Bosnian government officially allowed further excavations and research projects.

Rüdiger Lehmann    Videobearbeitung: Team Hettich und Lehmann