The VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT combines “old” and “new” knowledge.

Since the VISUPROJEKT pvt. ltd. has been founded in the year 2005 a large number of enterprises from different industrial branches is trusting the team of specialists around Maik Kunzelmann. Apart from his core expertise electro-design by CAE Eplan P8 Maik Kunzelmann now enters a new creative dimension with new research projects in the area of regenerative power generation with an educational approach that considers all fields of science including the so called “edge” and “border” sciences.

Geist prägt Materie. Maik Kunzelmann, Leiter des VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT

“Geist prägt Materie.” Maik Kunzelmann Leiter des VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT

Since long Maik Kunzelmann is dealing with the issue why a large number of enterprises is failing while trying to change their processes despite having good professional concepts. By establishing his institution he wants to find a solution to this issue. On this way the slogan “connected with all forms of life” stands in the centre and for the dedicated entrepreneur it is way and end at the same time. “Especially in times when sustainability is proclaimed everywhere it is necessary to act accordingly”, Maik Kunzelmann said. “It is indispensable that technologies in the future are in harmony with nature and an innovative, peace-oriented power generation.

The VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT is going to involve all areas of science in the field of the so called free knowledge. An institution-owned research centre is accumulating data, information and experimental results that regularly will be published by VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT. The research projects will be attended by knowledge transfers in the form of exchange of experience, joint projects and events.

Simultaneously entrepreneurs, managers, staff members and private persons are offered consulting and coaching services that transfer the sensible and value-oriented approach to the people. Videos, trainings, workshops and electronic libraries will analyse developments that in a global world put the burning issue of being, feeling, thinking and acting in the centre of attention. Procedures like quantum healing, intuition training and systemic positioning help the VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT to let people encounter each other on new platforms. Maik Kunzelmann: “For me it is about time to transfer what I call rational intuition and what my firm made sucessful and strengthened my staff to other people.”

Rüdiger Lehmann