Spirit impresses material

By quantum healing every individual is able to find a balance between spirit, body and soul and this way to help himself and his fellow human beings. By quantum healing you will be enabled with your attention to be partly with yourself and partly with a different person. This makes it possible for you to recognize, to feel, to see and to hear the truth.

The quantum healing integrates perceptions of the quantum physics in connection with nowadays medical knowledge and spiritual principles. The quantum physics proved that material and energy are oscillating on smallest level and on this level cannot be discriminated any more. These oscillations can be substantially influenced by our consciousness. That means: By watching something I can change it with my attention.

Our message “connected with all forms of life” is this way consistent with the statement of the physicist Max Planck: “The spirit is the primary basis of the material”. Acc. to our notion the spirit is a living part of our being and, therefore, can be influenced and changed.

Based on this notion we conduct workshops and seminars of quantum healing for both firms and private persons. For particular issues it is also possible to arrange single session.

For all this please contact Maik Kunzelmann.