The possibly oldest pyramid on earth in Bosnia arouses international attraction – VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT is exploring it.

In the year 2006 the “Bosnian pyramid” was discovered by the author and businessman Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich. Several energetic anomalies and widespread underground complexes represent puzzles that are to be resolved by an international, interdisciplinary research project.

Year by year more than 500 volunteers from countries like USA, Canada, Spain, Usbekistan, Romania, Great Britain, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, Portugal etc. come to the Bosnian pyramid and some well-known tv stations like BBC and Euro-News reported on the new discovery. Also Maik Kunzelmann of VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT in November 2013 visited Visoko, the city of the pyramid, informed himself and recorded a video.

Please watch the video here:

Due to the widespread interest and the large demand for the workshops VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT will arrange another trip to the Bosnian pyramid.

Details will be published briefly.

Interested persons can contact VISUPROJEKT INSTITUT or directly Maik Kunzelmann.